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Facebook Update   30 April,2020

Jindalee Bowls Club


To our Members and all of our Facebook Friends, and visitors.

Your old friend, the FB site for Jindalee Bowls Club, will retire permanently on

Wednesday night, 6 May 2020. 


From Thursday, 7 May you will find us instead, only at 

  Jindalee Bowls


If you have posts, images, or other contributions on the old JBC site (look for 2 pages) that you would like to be sure of preserving, please go to the old site to copy and save those items, on or before 6 May.


Backups of that site will be made, to be progressively restored, but we are unable to guarantee that such content can be reliably restored using Facebook tools.


If you have any questions, please contact Ray

on 0413049209 or email


Note: An email campaign has been sent from our website to all members, friends and contacts for whom we have email addresses.

If you wish to be kept informed of developments, or to update your details, please click the button below and follow any instructions given, or send a separate message to the mobile or email above.

Please advise me of any issues arising
   or 0413049209

With apologies for the image quality - we will try for a better version (Web Admin)

This is just a screen shot of the previous Noticeboard, so is not updatable but will soon be upgraded